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Big Picture Learning and Harbor Freight Fellows Tools for Schools have designed a youth apprenticeship program that target filling the
trade and craft pipeline.   Trades in mechanical engineering, plumbing, electrical engineering, automotive skills, plumbing, and
carpentry are just a few examples of career paths within the trade industry.  They work with school districts to assist in building
apprenticeship opportunities for youth who have interest in the trades industry.


The team includes:  Mr. Fred Wilson, Mr. Duson Fridil, Mrs. Cheryl Lewis, Mrs. Gloria Tisdale, the Ronald E. McNair Committee and
Ms. Kendra Wilson.


The young ladies selected to participate in this program began with a 20 hours of classroom instruction provided by Mr. Fred Wilson.  
Once the young ladies complete their classroom instruction, they will then begin their 120 hour work experience at Carbon
Conversion.  The young ladies will be given the opportunity to learn how remanufactured air plane and automobile parts are
transformed back into new light weight parts used in aircrafts, laptops, automobiles etc.  These young ladies will learn the company
from the ground up.  They will also have the opportunity
to work with engineers in the lab.


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