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The Ronald E. McNair Life History Center celebrates the life of Dr. Ronald E. McNair. The Lake City, South Carolina native and space shuttle Challenger astronaut 's amazing experiences are portrayed through exhibits related to his history both in the local community and at NASA.

In addition, the Ronald E. McNair Life History Center is also home to the McNair memorial, featuring a statue of Dr. McNair and a public amphitheater.

"I do not profess to be a preacher nor one possessing profound knowledge or insight, but I do claim to be a Christian and I do know that the God we serve has a strange way of using anybody or anything to convey his message." Ronald E. McNair

Our Mission

To present to our youth the importance of the STEM curriculum while educating them on the life, history, and accomplishments of Dr. Ronald E. McNair." 

Our Mission

Ronald McNair

The true courage of space flight is not sitting aboard 6 million pounds of fire and thunder as one rockets away from this planet. True courage comes in enduring... persevering, the preparation and believing in oneself.  ~ Ronald McNair Quote

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